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Teacher Feature: Meet Woodshop Teacher Jim Burnor

In Mr. Jim Burnor's classroom, students learn more than how to build a birdhouse, table, or wooden box. They learn craftsmanship. And that craftsmanship is built on integrity. At the end of the semester, they can proudly take home their projects, as well as skills they can use the rest of their lives.

"We've got beds going, even a king-size bed! I got bunk beds going, food pantries, cabinets, and someone's making a six-door dresser," said Mr. Burnor, as he buzzes around his workshop.

Mr. Burnor grew up in Bay City and moved up north with intentions of working part-time for a year or two.

"Now, I'm on year three and working full time!" he said with a laugh. "No day is ever the same. It's not boring. I couldn't be someone to sit behind a desk. I'm always busy and the days go by fast."

"The stuff they learn in here gets more and more valuable as they get older. They can save themselves a lot of money just by learning how to use tools!"

His students take away practical skills and sometimes even pick up interests that they'd like to pursue beyond high school.

"There's all these jobs like construction, trades, welding, and all this stuff. Those jobs are ones you can get now and make good money," he said.


To learn more about Woodshop and Mr. Burnor, email

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