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Enroll Now at Kingsley Area Schools

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The Kingsley

Every year, more and more parents choose to bring their children to Kingsley Schools. The overwhelming reason is because of our top-notch academics.


We are an award-winning district with teachers who care.

We are big enough to offer all kinds of sports, music programs, and after-school activities, yet small enough to create a culture where every staff member knows your child's name. 

We invite you to enroll today, or to get in touch with us to learn more. 

Schedule a tour: 

(231) 263-5261 ext 1104

Find enrollment info below:


Join us at KAS.

Please fill out the relevant forms and return to the district office:

Kingsley Schools

402 Fenton Street

Kingsley, Michigan 49649


Every prospective student, regardless of grade level, needs to either fill out a Proof of Residency Form or a School of Choice Form if living outside the district. 

Additionally, they need to provide the following:

  • A copy of the legal birth certificate

  • Immunization Record, or a waiver signed by a physician

  • An IEP *if they are a special education student

Middle School

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