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Stag Spotlight ft. Connor Schueller

There’s not a lot of downtime for the multi-sport athlete, Connor Schueller. The rising senior stays busy all year long between the football, basketball, and track and field seasons.

But when you ask him which sport is his favorite, he’ll tell you it’s football, before you can even finish your sentence. He says his team is a family.

“We’ve all been playing together since we were younger. We’re a band of brothers. It’s really special,” said Connor. “This game teaches you life lessons.”

They learned some of the hardest lessons last year. After an undefeated 2020 season, Kingsley forfeited the Division 5 district final against Reed City due to coronavirus concerns.

Following a year of adversity, Connor and his team had to learn how to keep a winning attitude, even though their championship dreams were cut short.

“We just really wanted to win. This year, we’re looking really good. We want to finish our senior year right,” said Connor. “State finals is a big goal of ours. We’re ready to throw on the pads and just play.”

Connor and the Kingsley Stags start their season at the end of August.

Quick Stats

Year: Senior

Jersey: #30


🏈 Football: Defensive back/running back

🏀 Basketball: Guard

🏃‍♂️ Track & Field: 4x100, 100m, long jump

Best advice from a coach: "Stay true to yourself."

Favorite sports memory: "I love football camps. You go out in the cow pasture and practice, and start having fun in the downtime."

Fun Facts

Favorite color: Blue 🔵

Favorite TV show: Shooter 🎯

Favorite team to cheer for: Michigan Wolverines 💛

Favorite Olympic Sport: Track & Field 👟

Plans for after high school: "Get my associates degree in business at NMC and go into real estate." 🏘️

Kudos from Mom: "Connor lives and breathes football. That's his passion. Connor has a very giving heart. He's truly a remarkable kid with such a generous spirit," says his mother, Trina Schueller.

Don't miss the Stag's first game on Thursday, August 26, at 7 p.m. at McBain.

Their first home game is against Glen Lake on Thursday, September 2nd at 7 p.m.

For more information, visit

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