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Kingsley Research Students Impress at Prestigious Flint Regional Science & Engineering Fair

This weekend, Nancy Olenchek and six of her Kingsley High School research students headed to their first-ever science fair. All of them away with an award or honorable mention recognition!

Students competed at the prestigious Flint Regional Science & Engineering Fair. The annual exhibition was recognized as one of the best in the region by Nat Geo. It is also an affiliate of the International Science & Engineering Fair.

Junior Zach Middleton was a fair finalist, taking 8th place overall for his research titled The baseball pitch and how spin rate affects vertical movement and velocity.

Research class is a new course offered this year. Ms. Olenchek tasked students with finding a topic and formulating an experiment around it.

The students' projects aim to answer a variety of questions, including “What are the absorbency levels of different beauty blenders?”, “How can we improve foster care applications?”, “How does arc affect shooting percentage in basketball?”, and more.

Congratulations to our award-winning research students!

Zack Middleton, junior: Technology Division Certificate of Distinction

and Fair Finalist, 8th Place

The baseball pitch and how spin rate affects vertical movement and velocity

Marisa Graham, junior: Honorable Mention

Beauty Blender Absorbency

Alaina Mitchell, junior: Honorable Mention

High School Women's 5 Kilometer Race Times; Comparing Freshman to Senior Year

Landon Durkin, senior: Research Fellow Award

Basketball Arc versus Shooting Percentage: How a player's practice arc correlates to game shooting percentage

Anna Bauer, sophomore: Research Fellow Award

A comparison between stem cells created by Cassiopea xamachana and Drosophila melanogaster larvae

Maranda Christianson, junior: Research Fellow Award

Memory improvement through Memorization

ABC12 Flint interviewed sophomore Anna Bauer about her project and the experience at the fair: check it out below!


To learn more about Research class, email Nancy Olenchek at

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