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Jason Stowe Returns to Kingsley Area Schools as Interim Superintendent

Longtime Northern Michigan educator Jason Stowe will return to Kingsley Area Schools as the interim superintendent following the departure of Brad Reyburn.

He started on July 21 and will work through current superintendent Reyburn's last day on August 30. Mr. Stowe will serve until October 9, 2023. During this time, the Board of Education will continue working with the Michigan Association of School Boards to find permanent leadership. The community is invited to find more information on the search here.

Mr. Stowe is no stranger to the district, having previously served as the interim superintendent between September and December 2022 following the resignation of former Superintendent Keith Smith.

He is a Northport native with extensive experience working in northwestern Michigan schools, including nine years as superintendent of Leland Schools and serving in interim superintendent roles in Glen Lake and Kingsley.

"I am excited about coming back to Kingsley to help out with the transition. I will work with Mr. Reyburn over the next six weeks to ensure a smooth transition," said Mr. Stowe.

"My job is to make sure that the staff has everything they need to be successful and make sure the start of school goes smoothly. Kingsley is a great place to be and I look forward to working with everyone again."


To learn more about the district's superintendent search, click here. You may reach out to Jason Stowe by contacting the Central Office or emailing him at

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