Transparency Reports & Community Forms

We take great pride in creating a supportive and educational environment that offers world-class education and unmatched extra-curricular activities.

We strive to forge strong community partnerships. Our doors are always open to our neighbors. We'd love to have you stop in, cheer us on at the game, support our music programs, or volunteer with us. 

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  • Middle School Band Spring Concert
    Kingsley Middle School
    May 11, 7:00 PM
    Kingsley Middle School , 403 Blair St, Kingsley, MI 49649, USA
  • High School Band Spring Concert
    Kingsley High School Gym
    May 19, 7:00 PM
    Kingsley High School Gym, 7475 Kingsley Rd, Kingsley, MI 49649, USA
  • TBD
    Marching Exposition in Kingsley
    October 4 at Kingsley. Time TBD.
    Kingsley, 7475 Kingsley Rd, Kingsley, MI 49649, USA

Transparency Reports

MI School Data here:


The State School Aid Act, Section 18 (2) of the Public Act 94 of 1979, requires school districts to post certain information on its website within 30 days after a board adopts it annual operating budget or any subsequent revision to that budget.

Section 1: Annual Operational Budget & Subsequent Revisions







Section 2a and 2b: Summary of Expenditures Expressed in Pie Charts




Section 3a, b, and c: Listing of the Collective Bargaining Agreements, Health Care Plans & Audit Reports







Section 4: Salary and Benefit Description of Superintendent and Employees with Salary exceeding $100,000

Section 5: Annual Amount Spent on Dues Paid to Associates

Section 6: Annual Amount Spent on Lobbying

District did not spend funds on lobbying. 


Section 7: Deficit Elimination Plan

District does not have debt.

Section 8: District Credit Card Information


Section 9: Out-of-State Travel Information:

District administration did not travel. 


Section 10: Procurement of Supplies, Materials, and Equipment


Section 11: Categories of Reimbursable Expenses

Section 12: Statement of Expenses Incurred by Board Members


Section 13: Michigan Education Evaluation Postings and Assurances - Teachers/Administrators


Section 14: COVID-19 reporting


Facility Usage

Kingsley's gyms, cafeterias, libraries, and commons area are all available to rent. 

If you're interested in using our space, fill out an application and return it to our facilities director, Paul White, at

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out:

Facilities Director

Paul White


Asst. Facilities Director

Todd VanSlembrouck






We are always looking for volunteers! Our volunteers serve in classrooms, on field trips, and with our booster organizations.

To get started, fill out a volunteer consent form below and return it to our administration office:


Kingsley Area Schools

402 Fenton Street

Kingsley, MI 49649


Please note that we run your information through ICHAT the Michigan State Police data base. If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to give us a call.

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