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Back to School Letter from Kingsley Elementary Principal Kristin Goethals

Kingsley Elementary Principal Kristin Goethals

Dear Families,

Welcome back to Kingsley Elementary!

The summer gets so lonely here without the staff and students and I am always so excited when you return. This summer, I spent lots of time with my own children. My oldest is heading off to college, and my other four are spread throughout the district. We also spent time trying to get our puppies to love the water. Scotch and Rusty were not as thrilled as we thought they should be.

Our team at Kingsley is so happy to have some new faces in the building this next school year, and also a new program.

This year we are able to add an elementary art program for our students. Ms. Rose will be teaching this and she has been busy planning and prepping.

Our maintenance and custodial crew have been working hard and everything looks amazing. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

~Mrs. Goethals

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