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April 2024 Kingsley Middle School Students of the Month

Congratulations to our most recent Students of the Month!

5th Grade - Alivia Irish & Tristan Manning

Teacher Comments:

"Alivia is a leader in her class. She is on task and working hard. We appreciate the positive example she sets for her peers.

Tristan has grown so much this year! He is working hard and doing his best. We appreciate his responsiblitiy and effort. Keeps up the awesome work!"

7th Grade - Joy Eggleston-Chimoski & Caleb Mehs

Teacher Comments:

"Joy is usually the first one to Art class and spreads her contagious joy where ever she goes (she is well named :)! She is a focused and caring student who tries hard, intentionally grows her knowledge, and cares about our Art Room as if it were her own!

Caleb is hard-working Band student! He brings a positive attitude with him to class each day. Caleb is a trustworthy, reliable, and responsible person. He is exactly the kind of student that both peers and teachers can depend on to set the right example. Keep up the great work, Caleb!"

8th Grade - Celeste Andersen & Shem Canfield

Teacher Comments:

"Celeste is just so sweet! She is very kind to everyone, she works hard every day, and she always does the right thing. We so enjoy having Celeste in class!

Shem is a very polite young man! He always gives his very best and is respectful to all. We are so glad Shem joined us this year!"

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