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Stag Senior Spotlight: Erica McInnis

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

"Being a Kingsley Stag means being a part of a community and not just the school I go to. I love how close I am with everyone here I feel like I know all the teachers and the students."

Kingsley senior Erica McInnis is busy! The aspiring educator is part of the Teacher Academy while also juggling multiple sports and activities.

Fast Facts


👟 Track & Field: pole vault and sprints


🎓 National Honor Society

📚 Yearbook

🍎 Teacher Academy

🤼‍♂️ Wrestling Manager


🔎TV Show: NCIS

💙Color: Blues

🍕Food: Grandma's vegetable pizza

🍵🫖🫖Drink: Raspberry tea

🧮Class: Math, Teacher's Academy, and Body Mechanics

Quote: "Practice makes progress"

On her bucket list: Travel to Bahamas or England and build or buy a tiny house some day. "The tiny houses just fit me and I think they are really fun and cute and little, and I would love to have my own little home that I created that is unique to me and I get to design."

What is your favorite extracurricular?

"I love track because I’ve always loved the sport. It's just as much as a team sport as it is an individual sport. We are all super close and supportive of each other."

What is the best advice your coach or teacher has ever given you?

"It’s not advice, but words of encouragement that have stuck with me. My track coach, Amanda Hessem, said 'times are coming down, vaults are going over, by golly, I think Erica is finding her groove! Go get them today!' This just made me feel good about myself when I was having a rough start to my season."

Who inspires you and why?

"My mom inspires me because she is the strongest person I know and the one who always wants me to do my best."

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your freshman year self?

"That everything is going to go by quick and things get crazy and busy, so enjoy every second."

Do you have plans after graduation?

"After high school, I think I'm going to go to NMC for one or two years and then transfer to study elementary education."


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