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Kingsley Middle School Band Students Earn Top Ratings at Solo & Ensemble

On Saturday, April 13, middle school band students participated in MSBOA District II Solo and Ensemble Festival in Boyne City. These students worked extra hours outside of school and gave outstanding performances.


Carley Bancroft - Bass Clarinet: Solo Division 1

Landon Kaleita - French Horn: Solo Division 1

Lylah Newton - Oboe: Solo Division 1

Malachi Sterk - Tenor Sax: Solo Division 1

Rylee Crockett - Bass Clarinet: Solo Division 1

Jimmy Smith/Ethan Holmes - Saxophone: Duet 2

Mikayla Peuler - Horn: Solo Division 1

Caleb Phipps/Craig Donner - Brass duet: Division 1

Lylah Newton/Isabella Scarbrough - Woodwind duet: Division 2

Ethan Holmes - Flute: Solo Division 1

Jimmy Smith - Sax: Solo Division 1

Craig Donner - Baritone: Solo Division 1

Lillian Fishman/Ava Guimond - Clarinet Duet: Division 1

Alex Sterk - Trombone - Solo Division 1

Congratulations, musicians!


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