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Signup now for 5th Grade Band!

"Everyone is born with musical ability. Band is a family, and every student is important and nobody rides the bench." - Band Director Lance Dubay

Registration is now open for the 5th grade band program!

The Kingsley Area Schools have a long tradition of musical excellence, particularly in the band program. We would like your child to become part of this 40-year tradition! Kingsley has been recognized as one of the top band programs in the state of Michigan, receiving top honors at District and State festivals for four decades.

5th grade is the perfect time to start the program and try it out.

The band program offers opportunities for students to travel for festival performances, local gigs, and other destinations.

Sign-up is open through the first week of school, and instrument fittings occur once school starts. Kingsley bands partner with Marshall music, which has a fantastic rent-to-own program for instruments. This program is great and covers accidental damage and repairs as part of the rental cost). You will receive more information regarding rentals and instrument selection once the fitting process is complete.

To sign up, contact band director Lance Dubay or the Kingsley Middle School Office to get your student's schedule changed to include 5th grade band.

Lance Dubay

Director of Bands

Kingsley Area Schools

(231)-263-5262 ext. 4001

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join Band?

Participation in band has proven to be a tremendous incentive for maintaining a good academic record. Additionally, college admissions officers look for students who have participated in their school band programs as an indicator of commitment and success. Getting involved in music provides the participant with an enriching cultural, social, and educational experience. A great deal of self-discipline is also developed by mastery of a musical instrument. I would be happy to answer any other questions that you may have. Please feel free to call or email me anytime.

Do I have to buy an instrument for my child?

Most parents choose to rent an instrument for their student through Marshall Music Co in TC. More information regarding rentals will be sent home after students are fitted for instruments. (The rental is a rent to own option from Marshalls. This includes the cost of repairs while under contract. Marshalls has a dedicated service rep visit our school each week. Should a student decide at the end of the year they are no longer interested in band, parents are able to return the instrument to Marshalls and the contract can be terminated.) Again, rental information will come home once students have been fitted.

Can I purchase a used instrument?

Many fine used instruments are available from former band students and local music companies. Should you choose to purchase a used instrument for your student, please DO NOT make a purchase until you have the instrument evaluated by the director. Just as there are many quality instruments available there are also many poor instruments. (Purchasing a used instrument is very similar to purchasing a used car.)

Are instruments available from the school?

The school has a limited supply of instruments available for students if a family experiences a financial hardship. These instruments are available on a first come first serve basis.

ALL SUPPLIES to maintain instruments may be purchased from the director or through the local music stores. The director will accept cash (small bills only please!)

*Students playing reed instruments will need to provide their own reeds. (2 at a time should be kept in student case and rotated)

*Brass students will need to provide their own valve oil and slide grease.

How important is practicing at home?

In order to have the best chance to succeed in learning to play their instrument, students will need to practice at home and REGULARLY. It is important to have a quiet place to practice and to establish a regular practice schedule. The amount of time necessary for practice may vary from student to student however, each student is responsible for submitting a practice sheet each with 100 minutes of practice time logged. I also highly recommend that you purchase a wire music stand for home use. It is very important for parents to encourage practice and to praise the results. Parent support, especially in the early stages, is crucial for your child’s long-term success!

Can my child participate in sports while in band?

The administration, director, and coaches make every effort to avoid conflicts in scheduling so that students who wish to participate in both activities may do so.

Is there a music company available from which to buy instruments or supplies?

In our immediate area Marshall Music has a retail store which is properly equipped to deal with band instruments. The school purchases many supplies from Marshall regularly. Instruments and additional supplies, musical gifts or accessories are available from many online retailers. If you have additional questions regarding this matter please feel free to contact me via telephone, or email.

If I wanted to buy a new instrument for my child how much will it cost?

The actual cost of a new instrument varies by instrument as well as dealer. I can tell you the tuba, perhaps the most expensive instrument is around $5000 and up. A snare drum for a percussionist is the least expensive at around $500-700. Please remember that these are approximate figures, and prices do go up every year.

When will my child need the instrument?

Parents will need to have rental orders placed with Marshall no later than Friday September 16, 2022.

Kingsley 5th grade Recruitment letter 2022
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FAQ 5th grade band 2022
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