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Kingsley High School Art Students Showcase Work, Compete for Prizes at Art Attack 2023

Updated: May 7, 2023

On Thursday, March 4, Kingsley High School's art students displayed their works at the Kingsley Library for the annual Art Attack, sponsored by the Kingsley Friends of the Library. The showcase included a gallery and a competition with cash prizes, juried by an NMC art instructor.

Read on to see some of the works and winning pieces, plus commentary from the judge.

Best In Show

Kelly Huis' Dad in a Diner

"There is an immense amount of skill to mix shading pencil with another medium. The contrast between the two mediums is what caught my eye the most. The playful sincerity of the expression of his face mixed with colors evokes questions about the scene. This piece is successful in drawing the viewer in."


Third Place: Isabella Bickle's The Waterfall

"It's an incredible depiction of a moving scene. The water has great movement and moves with the viewer throughout the composition. Very well done with the piece."

Second Place: Kelly Huis' Valentine's Still Life

"The monochromatic pinks and red hues really make this piece. There is a good mixture of textural surfaces and smooth darkness, great composition and rendering."

First Place: Sarah Johnson's Old Brushes

"Each canvas is given a different character and the fact that the paint brushes are the canvasses is very out of the box. I enjoy each one differently and it feels very well thought out. The paintings and the faces are very well rendered and expressive."


Third Place: Morgan Faunce's Gold Dust Woman

"The eyes are what captured my attention. The contrast of pencil versus the paint make this a well-balanced piece."

Second Place: Kelly Huis' Blind Contour Self Portrait

"The simplicity of the lines is what captivated me. There is a warmth with the color tones chosen for the pattern. The overlapping experimentation was really successful, great job.

First Place: Austin W.

"This piece shows a command of the artist's medium. From afar, the red hues draw the viewer in, and then the detailing brings us along on a journey to really search for hidden clues. Very well done."

Sculpture: Clay

Third Place: Claire Dutton's UFO Teapot

"It is the little purple aliens and the geometric shapes that make this piece great and amazing, functional artwork that has all the important appendages. Very creative and well done."

Second Place: Ty Morgan's The Guppy

"The colors are very representative of the culture it comes from and the designs are very symmetrical. I enjoy the paint instead of the glaze for the ceramic fish very well done."

First Place: Brook Westenberger's Tea Cattle

"A well-structured teapot with a very fun theme. The cow is very well rendered and proportionate for function. It has all the aspects a teapot should have."

Sculpture: Non-Clay

Third Place: Laura Klubunde's Untitled

"With this sculpture, you get both a painting and three-dimensional objects in the foreground that blend well to make one scene. I enjoy the colors and dimensionality of this artwork."

Second Place: Talia Peuler's Jamal the Jellyfish

Curling of paper is not an easy task but this is very successful. There is great movement throughout and the texture of the paper curls adds to the visual experience.

First Place: Sawyer Musser's Spook

"With the absence of eyeballs, there is a hollowness to the face. It has accomplished a fear factor for sure, and the texture throughout gives it a skin-like feel. It makes the mask feel real."

Congratulations, students!


To learn more about Kingsley High School Art, contact Susan Graham at

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