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Kingsley Elementary's New Art Cart Puts Creativity on Wheels

Ms. Rose stands with her art cart in Mrs. Hoffman's class.

Kingsley Elementary officially has an art class. Ms. Hannah Rose, a recent graduate of the prestigious Savannah School of Art and Design, is the new teacher behind Art on a Cart, a mobile learning experience that brings art into every classroom.

"It's really exciting and really fun. These students have never had an art class before, so they're totally blank canvases if you will. They're like sponges because they've never been exposed to some of the information, techniques, and materials of the projects," said Ms. Rose.

On October 10, Ms. Rose visited Mrs. Hoffman's third graders to teach them about the Pop Art movement. Students colored sketchbooks inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's Crying Girl pieces.

"Normally, we talk a lot in the sketchbook time about the artists that made that piece," said Ms. Rose. "To my surprise, they really love learning about the art history, and things like how much the piece weighs, how much it was worth, and what it's made out of. Those are things that I never thought we would have discussions about."

"My overall goal is to get as much information in their heads as they will let me. I'm super passionate about teaching kids the value of art and design. I'm specifically super passionate about how those skills can be transformed and translated into anything and everything when they move on and go to middle school and high school."

"Even if they're not going to be an artist and they never pick up a pencil again after my class, that's totally okay. But they're going to be in tune with their visual brain and that is a skill that is useful in every discipline for the rest of their life."


To learn more about art class, email Ms. Rose at

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