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Join the KHS Travel Club in Switzerland, Italy in 2024

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

There will be an informational meeting for interested parents and students on January 30 at 6:30 PM in the KHS library.

By Maria Suomi, KHS Language Teacher

Have you ever wanted to stand in the Alps at twilight and watch the lights come on in the cities below? Would you love to see the towering mountaintops like those featured in movies like Heidi and The Sound of Music? Students who will be freshmen or older in the summer of 2024, this is your chance! We fly out of Traverse City to Zurich and Lucerne, Switzerland (where we’ll experience yodeling, fondue and Alpine horns) and we’ll work our way to northern Italy with stops in the beautiful Lake Como region. In Venice we’ll travel by ferry and gondola, taking a water taxi to the island of Burano, famous for its glass blowing. We’ll see the Grand Canal and St Marco’s Square.

After exploring Venice, we will travel to Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with its Renaissance art, beautiful churches, romantic bridges and gorgeous jewelry. From Florence we head to Rome (with a stop at Assisi) where we’ll walk in the ruts of chariots in the Roman Forum and climb high into the Colosseum. We’ll tour Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. We’ll wander the Piazza Navona, stop to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and eat gelato whenever possible! We’ll gaze up into the open “eye” of the Pantheon and climb the famed Spanish Steps. Surrounded by fountains, obelisks and monuments, we’ll sit in the piazzas and watch street musicians and clowns entertaining passersby.

From Rome, we travel to seaside Sorrento and the ruins of Pompeii, a once sophisticated Roman city that was buried under ash with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. One of the most important archeological sites in the world, the UNESCO World Heritage site features excavated ruins of streets and houses, amphitheaters, baths and temples for exploration.

Then we’ll journey to Capri, an island in the Bay of Naples, famous for its incredibly blue waters and its designer fashions. After a tour of Capri and a cruise in its waters, we’ll return to Rome and fly back to Cherry Capital Airport with souvenirs, photos and wonderful memories.

This is an educational trip and open only to students who will be enrolled in high school for the 2023-2024 school year. (This year’s 8th graders, therefore, are eligible.)

Why travel?

Traveling broadens horizons and increases confidence. Students return home knowing that after navigating Rome, a visit to Ann Arbor or Detroit holds little worry. Students often return home with a greatly increased sense of independence.

Travel encourages students to make friends with people from all areas of the US and the world. Many of our students have forged friendships with students from California, North Carolina and Kentucky (to name a few) as they shared common interests on the trip.

Travel adds interest to resumes and college applications. Employers and universities are interested in knowing that students have traveled. They understand that the world has become a much smaller place and a well traveled person has much to contribute culturally and academically.

Who travels with the students?

Maria Suomi and Robin Lewis, high school language and math teachers, will lead the trip. We’ve traveled extensively both here and abroad and are experienced with student travel. We use a reputable educational tour company and the students learn an amazing amount about their destinations.

If your student would like to join us for this extraordinary experience, please shoot an email to either or for more information or with questions. Please remember that travel slots fill quickly.

Visit this link to learn more:

PLEASE NOTE: This trip is being organized through EF TOURS which is not associated with Kingsley Schools.

Please note: The Kingsley Middle School Travel Club is going to Japan in 2024 and the trip is open to parents, chaperones, and students. Please contact Andrew Sias for more information on the KMS trip to Japan.

The Kingsley High School Travel Club is going to Switzerland and Italy, as mentioned above, and the trip is only open to students, not adults.

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