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Volunteers Needed for Kingsley Robotics Competition January 21

KHS teacher Dan Harbold and his robotics students, January 2022
You're invited to Kingsley's first Robotics Competition!

Robotics Competition

Kingsley High School

Doors open at 8, competition runs 9:30AM-3:30PM

Robotics teacher and coach, Dan Harbold, is looking for volunteers to help run the show.

This event marks a major milestone in Kingsley's robotics program, which has grown quickly. Three years ago, Mr. Harbold started Kingsley's robotics class to fill an elective gap left open by the departure of the longtime woodshop teacher.

The class teaches students how to build, design, operate, and fix RC robots that can drive, navigate obstacles, and complete basic tasks. His students learn how to program their robots to pick things up, move them, and face off in engineering-based challenges.

In 2020, the after-school robotics program was born. This year, students have been learning how to program their robots to shoot and move disks while spinning colored rollers.

In the competition, teams will rotate pairing with other teams in two-on-two matches as well as individual skills challenges to earn points that will decide the overall winner.

"Some of the robots can be incredibly complex while others have more basic designs but can be just as effective," said Mr. Harbold.

The playing field will look like this:

Watch the challenge below!

The Robotics event is free and open to the public.

"It's a lot of fun for families young and old!" said Mr. Harbold.

To learn more about the program, email Mr. Harbold at To sign up to become a volunteer at the competition, fill out this form:

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