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USDA Free School Meals Program Has Expired; Dining Director Asks Families to Apply for Meal Benefits


The USDA's authority to extend free meals to all students expired at the end of the school year 2021-22.

For the 2022-23 year we anticipate students will be charged for meals unless families qualify individually for meal benefits.

We are asking that all families complete the applications even if you don't believe you will qualify.

The information helps to obtain grant monies to support learning in the district.

All applications submitted prior to August 14th will be entered into a drawing put on by the Food Service Department for several different prizes.

Only one application needs to be submitted per family per year unless there are household changes.

To enter please go to to complete the benefits application.

Further, Meet Up & Eat Up, Kingsley Schools' free meal program, will be canceled after August 4 due to lack of participation.

Thank you,

Kristy Donner

Director of Dining Service

231-263-5262 ext 4055

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