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"This is more than a job." Kingsley Hiring School Bus Drivers

New Year, New Job?

The Kingsley Transportation department is looking for eager, friendly, compassionate bus driver candidates to come their way in 2022.

The best part? You don't need to have any special training or certifications - Kingsley will pay for your CDL and give you a $1,500 signing bonus.

The need for bus drivers is real - transportation director Pam Clark said she's had to be creative in order to get kids to and from school while also accommodating after school activities like sports.

"We really don't have any extra people at this time. I do have a couple subs that are already working in the school system that help us out, but I have no full time extra people here for call-ins," said Mrs. Clark.

For months, she's been recruiting more drivers.

She hopes community members will step up to the plate for the opportunity that comes with a lot of perks.

"This is a job where, if you want to be on your kiddo’s schedule, this kind of accommodates them because you drive bus," said Mrs. Clark.

"You get the middle of the day open if you need to do something and you don’t need to have a daycare. Parents and kids are on the same schedule, so if there’s snow days, you won’t need to find daycare because you’re home. And on all the breaks, you get to be home, so you’re always on your kid’s schedule."

But the best part is forming meaningful bonds with the kids, according to driver Renee Thon.

"This is more than just a job. This is a rewarding job. These kiddos turn into one of your own children. You're the first person to wish them good morning and ask how they are doing, and the last to tell them to have a wonderful night. You get to experience their moods, temperaments, laughter and crazy antics."

"One day you realize you have not only been their school bus driver, but you have earned their trust and you have now been promoted from a school bus driver into their friend, nurse, therapist, healer, fixer upper and sometimes confidant. It’s a magical feeling!"

To apply to become a Kingsley bus driver, visit

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