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Student Chefs Cook up Fun and Nutritional Recipes in KMS' Sustainable Science

Kingsley Middle School teacher Ms. Tiffany Smith’s Sustainable Science students put on their aprons for the annual cooking competition last week.

Students formed teams and were tasked with planning, preparing, cooking, and presenting well-balanced, nutritious meals.

Judges scored students on presentation, taste, skill, and nutrition. School board members Vivien Snyder and Kelly Saxton as well as principal Heather Miller, Counselor Olivia Bradford, and Communications Manager Chloe McCarthy were on hand to evaluate seven dishes.

MSU Extension’s Michelle Smith, RD, assisted students with cooking and also taught a lesson on nutrition ahead of this competition.

Judges scored six meals from six teams. The dishes were chicken parmesan, chicken fettuccine alfredo, venison stir fry with rice and vegetables and a sparkling lemon drink, vegetable chili and homemade cornbread, rigatoni and meatballs, and chicken tikka masala with rice with homemade sparkling plum juice.

The overall winner of the competition was the Chicken Tikka Masala by Maddison Robinson, Claire Morgan, Adriana Allman, Chloe Duncan, and Avery Pascoe. Way to go!


To learn more about Sustainable Science, email Tiffany Smith at

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