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Catch Her if You Can: Meet Emma Arnold

Kingsley Stag Emma Arnold is always on the move. Between cross country, track and field, and basketball, there's no wonder why her dad describes her as "very energetic!"

The rising senior describes herself as social, enthusiastic and adventurous.

As she approaches her final year wearing orange and black, she has big dreams in and outside the arena.

What are your goals for this season, inside and outside the classroom?

"In cross country, I would like to improve by about one minute from last year.

In basketball, I hope to be conference champs, and in track, I would like to be able to vault 9’6" this year. I also hope to maintain my GPA and make a ton of connections and friends since it is my last opportunity before the end of high school."

Best advice your coach has ever given you?

My coaches in all sports are always super passionate about sportsmanship and respect, and I feel like that is a great life lesson to have overall. I know that they really care about who we are as people and not just athletes.

What is your favorite high school sports memory?

"I have a few. When I got my personal best in pole vault at the meet to qualify for regionals. Pole vaulting was one of the very last events so I had quite a few friends there to cheer me on. Getting a personal best in any running event feels great. Also, my junior year I scored 15 points in only the second half of a basketball game, and I received student athlete of the week. I love traveling with all of my teammates too!"

Do you have any plans for after high school?

"I am not super set on what I would like to do or be. Maybe something in the medical field or even a trade."

Fast Facts


Cross Country 🏃‍♀️

Basketball 🏀

Track 👟

Best school subject: Math 🧮

Favorite color: Blue 🔷

Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds 🕵️‍♂️

Favorite Olympic sport: Triathlon 🏅

Favorite food: Potatoes 🥔

Favorite music: Country 🤠

Talent: Making people laugh😂

On her bucket list: Start a family one day 👩‍👧


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