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Stag Spotlight: District Staff Full of Kingsley Graduates

Kingsley prides itself on its teachers who really care. Many have roots that run deep: several grew up in Kingsley Schools and returned to their hometown after college to teach in the district.

We are blessed to have staff that add so much to our community!

Kristin Goethals

Kingsley High School Class of 1999

Current Role: Elementary principal

Student activities: Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Student Class President, Student Council President, National Honor Society, and Outdoor Adventure Club

"Teaching and working here maintains the small town feel and tight-knit community. Since I graduated, the size has definitely changed! We have been blessed to have a community that draws people in. I love all the new faces coming in. I love the school pride we have, and I wouldn't want to send my kids anywhere else."

Linnea Steverlynck

Kingsley High School Class of 2009

Current Role: Middle School Teacher

Student activities: Volunteer club, Teacher Academy, Mentoring, Choir, and Student Council

"Before I even graduated college, I knew I wanted to teach in Kingsley. Perhaps that's due to my own positive experiences here or my comfortability with the community.

I have such pride for my hometown and school!

At first, it was hard for me to see my former teachers as my colleagues. I still wanted to call them "Mr or Mrs_______." However I soon saw myself as their peer and was thankful for our past relationship because it made me more comfortable with asking them for help as I navigated my first few years of teaching.

Since I was in school here, Kingsley has really embraced technology. We are so fortunate to have Chromebooks or iPads in most classrooms. Google Classroom wasn't a thing when I was in school and using a computer required going to the computer lab. In addition, we do so much more with social skills and cooperative learning. Also, kudos to the lunch ladies because the pizza is so much better than I remember! LOL!

I love our sense of community and pride in what we do. As a staff we help one another both professionally and personally. As a student, I felt like my teachers truly cared about me and challenged me in my learning. Being a small school, you know most everyone and that contributes to this sense of togetherness."

Julie Lint

Kingsley High School Class of 1984

Current Role: High School Teacher

Student Activities: Track, Basketball, Student Council, National Honor Society

"When I first came back to to teach, many of my teachers were still here so it felt a little weird being their colleague! It helped that I taught somewhere else to have experience and confidence. When I graduated, I had 48 kids in my class and K-12 were in one building (a few portables as well). Now, classes can range from 100-140 and we have three buildings. I love being back here because this is where my family lives, where my church is, and I am able to connect more quickly with most parents/students because I knew someone from their family because I grew up here."

Molly Dunham

Kingsley High School Class of 1990

Current Role: Elementary Teacher

Student Activities: Student Council, Choir, Band, Cross Country, Track, and Cheerleading.

"I attended preschool through grade 12 all in the current middle school building. We have grown a lot since then! My graduating class was 69 people. Now we have classes that have 130 students.

New technology in elementary school was moving from record players to tape decks for listening centers. In the late 80’s, they put in a computer lab. Each computer had 3 1/2” floppy disk drives! Now we are one-to-one with Chromebooks.

I love Kingsley's family atmosphere! We are a team. Everyone works together to make this a place where kids are loved, feel safe, and exceed their potential!"

Melissa Newell Kingsley High School Class of 1984

Current Role: Teacher

Student Activities: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Student Council, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, and the Senior Play

"I graduated from Kingsley in 1984. Julie Lint was my classmate. I started teaching at Kingsley Schools in 1998. I know a lot of the students’ parents.

Some of my former students are coworkers, like Mr. Jared Case.

When I attended Kingsley Schools, kindergarten through 12th grade was in one building, the current middle school. The number of students per grade has more than doubled. I graduated with less than 50 classmates; now there are more than 100 students per grade.

What I love about Kingsley is The small town atmosphere and awesome coworkers!"

Other Kingsley students turned staff: Jessica Dear, Rachel Leatherman, Abby Preston, Katie Rothwell, Ben Summerfield, Jeny Wolf, Monica Crockett, Alaina Olds-Mckinley, Kristien Bauer, Jared Case, and Robin Lewis.


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