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New Kingsley Board Members Hope to Make Positive Change in the District

Tina Schelich

Tina and her husband, Kingsley High School teacher Matt Schelich, have lived in Kingsley for 20+ years. They have two daughters, one is a Kingsley graduate and the other is currently a senior at KHS.

Tina and Matt have coached multiple sports and Tina worked in the ISD as a speech pathologist for many years.

She joined the board in the fall of 2022 after the departure of former trustee Mike Schueller.

"I felt like maybe the community and the board were struggling relationship-wise and I just felt that I had a good feel for the community, maybe they had some trust in me just from some things that [Matt and I] have participated in. I thought that joining the board was a good chance for me to just take a stab at it and try it for a year," she said.

Ian Mckinley

Ian and his wife, Kingsley Middle School teacher Alaina Olds-McKinley, moved to Kingsley nine years ago specifically because they wanted their children in the school district. They have children in second, sixth, and eighth grade. Alaina has taught in the district for seven years.

Ian was elected to the board in November 2022. He says he loves this community and hopes he to give back to it.

"I'm here to help and make the kids' lives better and hopefully allow them to become the most successful citizens that they can be," he said. "I'm hoping this is an avenue that I can get to make a change and offer some positive alternatives to learning to make it more engaging and fun and just offer ideas to support the staff and the administration through the board."


To learn more about the Kingsley school board, and to see meeting minutes and agendas, visit or email

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