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Mr. Schnepf's Sweet New Adventure

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

From Donut Shop owner to 3rd Grade Teacher: Mr. Schnepf joins Kingsley Schools

Mr. John Schnepf says donuts are “probably the funnest foods.”

If you’ve ever visited his shop, Peace, Love & Little Donuts on Front Street in Traverse City, it’s easy to see what he means.

His mini bites make you happy just by looking at them. And they taste even better. The cute confections come in every color and in flavors like Banana Split, Heath Wind and Fire, Oreo Cheesecake and S’mores.

Mr. Schnepf says his favorite part of his job is making his customers happy.

“It’s about relationships. Anybody that walks in, walks out with a smile on their face,” said Schnepf. “We're always celebrating something. We’re going to find a way to smile, and have fun, and celebrate,” said Mr. Schnepf.

Mr. Schnepf opened his Traverse City shop on Front Street shop in 2016. He ran his shop alongside his wife, Christina, while also working as a vendor to some of the country’s biggest restaurants.

When he wasn’t making donuts, he was selling bacon, pickles and peppers to restaurants like Arby’s, Subway, Burger King, Domino’s, and Sonic.

Things were all smiles until the pandemic hit Michigan in March 2020.

“Restaurants didn't do so well last March, April, and May, and as a result of that, I lost my position selling pickles, peppers, and bacon.” he said.

With more time and freedom at his disposal, Mr. Schnepf decided it was time to realize a longtime dream.

A New Chapter

“I guess I sort of repressed the fact that I wanted to be a teacher. I took this opportunity to earn my interim teaching certificate so that I can now become an elementary teacher.”

He got his feet wet as a substitute teacher in the spring of 2021, and now, he will run his very own classroom for the first time during the 2021-2022 school year.

Kingsley Schools is delighted to welcome Mr. Schnepf as a third-grade teacher!

“I just really enjoy spending time with kids and getting to know them and learning from them. That's why I have entered into the world of elementary education," said Mr. Schnepf.

Kingsley Stag Sprinkles Donut!

Mr. Schnepf says he is excited to finally lead his own students, which he has affectionately nicknamed his “Distinguished Dozens.”

He says his overall goal is to become more involved in the Grand Traverse community.

“I really long to be part of a community. My wife and I want to just do the things that make a small community rich and vibrant. We want to be active participants in that, and not just recipients, we want to give, we don't just want to take.”

As far as giving goes – Mr. Schnepf says he’ll start by bringing in some of his beloved donuts for his students to try.

He and his wife, Christina, will continue to run their donut shop and Mr. Schnepf says he'll still be helping out and in the store on the weekends when he's not in the classroom during the weekdays.

You can say hi to Mr. Schnepf by emailing

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