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Meet Kingsley Middle School's April Students of the Month

Congratulations to Kingsley Middle School's April Students of the Month, awarded based on character, academic effort, and success.

5th Grade - Emily Boudot, Wyatt Nelson

"Wyatt is always on task and working hard. He is a model citizen and friend to all! Emily is a great addition to this class. She is organized, thoughtful, and a hard worker. Emily is kind and quick to help others."

6th Grade - Carol Cook and Isaiah Susan

"Carol is a very conscientious student. She is always on task and is very diligent with her daily work. Besides being a top-notch student, Carol is a very kind individual who is willing to help out when needed. Isaiah is a positive asset to many! He works hard in class, contributing positively to classroom discussions. His insight is unique and thoughtful, often thinking outside of the box. Isaiah is a good friend and is one of the first to offer help when a classmate is in need."

7th Grade - Adriana Allman and Nathan Grubaugh

"Adriana is really striving to do her best in all classes! She is not only working hard but also rising up as a natural leader. Her kindness, helpfulness, and motivation are noticed and appreciated by all! Keep up the great work, Adriana! Nathan is an outstanding young man in all aspects! He participates exactly the right amount in each class, asks great questions, works well with all classmates, and makes the world a better place with his genuine kindness and creativity!"

8th Grade - Alyson Strang and Nathan Clifford

"Aly is such a kind, hard-working student. She is not afraid to take risks, and she always works to her full potential. Aly doesn't hesitate to work with any student. She approaches partner work with kindness and a smile! The 8th grade team has seen tremendous growth and maturity from Nathan this year. He is a deep thinker and offers thoughtful insight to class discussions. His growth has really allowed him to excel in the classroom where he leads and works well with others!


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