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March 2024 Kingsley Middle School Students of the Month

Congratulations to our most recent Students of the Month at Kingsley Middle School!

5th Grade - Avery Lewis & Westin Walsh

Teacher Comments:

"Avery works hard and continues to improve. SHe is a leader in her classs! Keep up the good work!

Westin is a leader in his class! He participates and offers great ideas during class discussions."

7th Grade - June Jerret & Sam Fishman

Teacher Comments:

"June is a hard-working student and also a good friend to her peers. She is willing to speak her mind and to stand up for what is right. June has a fun personality and a great smile. Thanks June for helping make KMS a great place to be!

Sam is a hard-working student, who always wants to do his personal best. He is taking responsiblity for his learning and seeks to improve. We are so proud of you, Sam! Keep up the great work!"

8th Grade - Reagan Wilson & Lilly Fishman

Teacher Comments:

"Reagan puts a smile on everyone's face! :) She is just a fun person to be around with her witty sense of humor and extreme kindness! Reagan is also a great student and such a joy to have in class!

Lilly is a very sweet young lady :) She is also extremely hard working and always strives to be her best! We really enjoy having Lilly in class. She always shows kindness to everyone."

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