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Kingsley Schools Welcomes Ms. Rasberry to Special Education Staff

Kingsley Schools is excited to welcome Mrs. Maggie Rasberry to the district. Ms. Rasberry is our newest 8th grade special education teacher and joins us from her previous position at Davison Middle School.

Ms. Rasberry and her family have relatives in Williamsburg and Maple City and have been dreaming of moving to Northern Michigan for years.

“We just thought, you know what? If we're going to make this move, which we had been kind of toying around with for a few years, let's do it now, instead of when we’re 70,” said Ms. Rasberry. “I feel very, very lucky and honored to have been selected for this job here in Kingsley.”

Ms. Rasberry has three daughters, one in Grand Rapids, another going to school at WMU, and her youngest living with her and her husband and attending school at NMC in Traverse City.

What do you love about teaching?

"Building relationships with students, parents, and co workers, and building kids up by helping them discover their unique genius."

What life advice do you have for your students?

"Don't compare yourself to others."

What would your students be surprised to know about you?

"I love to sing and dance! I also play the flute and Irish tin whistle. I have a lot of Irish heritage, and I’ve always enjoyed playing wind instruments like the flute. The Irish tin whistle is positioned a bit differently but it’s played similarly, so I love it. You’ve probably heard it before! I know you have! It’s in that song from the Titanic, the sad one.”

Fun Facts About Ms. Rasberry:

Subject: 8th grade special education

Hometown: Flint, Michigan

College: Nazareth College and Oakland University

Favorite dessert: Chocolate pudding pie with graham cracker crust 🥧

Favorite music: Jazz 🎷

Favorite animal: Whale 🐋

Favorite food: Roasted Chicken 🐔

Favorite drink: A good wine 🍷

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving 🦃

Favorite color: Green 📗

Three historical figures she'd love to meet: Thomas Edison, Joan of Arc, and Lucille Ball

On her Bucketlist: Travel to Ireland and Rome 🍀


To say hi to Ms. Rasberry, send her an email at

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