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Kingsley Middle School Throws Quarterly Celebration to Promote Good Behavior

On Friday, November 3, Kingsley Middle School hosted its first quarterly celebration to recognize student behavior.

During the first marking period, students had the chance to earn Stag Tags for good behavior. During the celebration, students could redeem their Stag Tags and choose a reward activity. Their options included a glow dance, watching a movie, cooking pancakes, reading, doing arts and crafts, playing board games, or going to the park.

The celebration started with an awards assembly. Teachers from each grade level chose students to earn awards in math, science, English, social studies and all of the electives. One student from each grade level earned a Positive Potato award and a Stag Leadership award.

Congratulations to the following students!

5th Grade Awards

Language Arts: Cody Cook

Math: Emerson Haines

Science: Bristol Helmreich

Social Studies: Whitney Arlt

Positive Potato: Emily Soper

6th Grade Awards

Language arts: Clayton Ruby

Math: Jace Porter

Science: Taylor DeVries

Social Studies: Luke Cosgrove

Stag Leadership Award: Ta'Shaun Pryce

Positive Potato: Izabell Greinke

7th Grade Awards

Language arts: Laura Johnson

Math: Anna Hamlet

Science: Landon Kaleita and Alex Nickerson

Social Studies: Zoey Street

Stag Leadership Award: Kennadie Bovee

Positive Potato: Addison Dentz

8th Grade Awards

Language arts: George Seeber

Math: Brody Ferris

Science: Carley Bancroft

Social Studies: Maddison Robinson

Stag Leadership Award: Catelyn Whitbeck

Electives Awards

Shop: Jaxson Hacker

Read 180: Alexis Schlegel

Spanish: Claire Morgan

Art: Ellie Henschell

Band: Lillian Fishman

Choir: Mikayla Peuler

Sustainable Science: Kathleen Hodges

Board Games: Katelynn Leatherman

6-8th PE: Cole Dreves

5th PE; Sawyer Thomas

Tech: Eva Gifford

To learn more about positive behavior initiatives at Kingsley Middle School, email counselor Olivia Bradford at

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