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Kingsley Middle School Students of the Month: September - December 2023

5th Grade

September: Trinity Heiler and Avery S.

Teacher Comments: Trin is responsible, respectful, and prepared. She is a hard worker and consistently on task. We appreciate her kindness, thoughtfulness, and willingness to help others.

We are excited to have Avery as part of the KAS community! He is hard working, responsible, and prepared. We appreciate his positive attitude and contributions to classroom conversations.

October: Isabella Hamlet & Sawyer Thomas

Teacher Comments: Isabella is focused, organized, and on task. She is a quiet leader - leading by example. We appreciate her hard work and attention to detail.

Sawyer is a great student and a friend to all. He is helpful, kind, and hard working. We appreciate his contributions to class discussions and responsible nature

November: Clara Merrill & Milo Croton

Teacher Comments: Clara is a sweet and positive student! In addition to this, she works hard and stays on task. We appreciate her willingness to ask questions when needed.

Milo is a model student and leads by example. He is consistently organized and on track... and he reads like crazy! We appreciate Milo's work ethic and attention to detail.

December: Ella Davenport & Cruz Parker

Teacher Comments: Ella is a great student. She is helpful, kind, and a good friend! She leads the class by following directions the first time!

Cruz has a great sense of humor. He is always doing the right thing and working hard. Cruz is kind, thoughtful, and a good friend!

6th Grade

September: Mya Guimond & Konner Quinones

Teacher Comments: Mya is a friendly and helpful student. She pays attention well in class, and is reliable when you ask her to do something. Keep up the great work Mya!

Konnor is a respectful student! He works hard, yet is not afraid to ask for help when needed. He is also very friendly to all students. Great job being a STAG Konnor!

October: Abigail Carlson & Myles LaMont

Teacher Comments: Abi works hard at her school work. She is focused on doing well in class. She is also very friendly and willing to work with her peers. She is a model student for others.

Myles is a natural leader. He comes up with thoughtful ideas and shares them with his classmates. He works hard at his schoolwork and is reliable when called on or asked to complete a task. Great work Myles! Keep it up!

November: Reagan Fishman & Jake Welke

Teacher Comments: Reagan is a model student. She works hard to complete her work on time. She is responsible when she is absent. She asks questions when needed, and works well with her classmates. She is caring and helpful. Thank you Reagan for being you!

Jake is a hard worker. He completes his assignments on time and uses his resources well. He is friendly to his classmates, but knows to be on taks when it's work time. Way to be a STAG Jake! Keep up the good work!

December: Ava Baker & Nathan Peterson

Teacher Comments: Ava is a kind and caring student. She works hard on her assignments and asks thoughtful questions. She also is very helpful with other students! Great work Ava! Keep it up!

Nathan is a friendly student. He always greeets his classmates and teachers with a smile. He is reliable. He is also very responsible and makes up his assignments when he misses school! Way to be a STAG Nathan!

7th Grade

September: Adeline Shigley & Henry Goethals

Teacher Comments: Adeline stays behind 7th hour every day to pick up pencils and paper from around the room without being asked! She loves to participate during class and is always willing to help her classmates.

Henry has been a leader in class by always being the first to volunteer as examples, to read, or to answer questions. He has been a great example to his classmates by showing STAG pride in class.

October: Lily Keyser & Malachi Sterk

Teacher Comments: Lily is always polite and hard working, and she does it with a great smile! We can count on her to be doing the responsible thing! Lily is also a peer helper and asks great questions of her teachers that benefit the entire class. What a great addition to Kingsley!

Malachi is an inquisitive student with a great sense of humor. He consistently demonstrates kindness to others. Malachi has a unique way of looking at things which makes him a joy to be around.

November: Alexis Schlegel & Colten Sherman

Teacher Comments: Alexis is a hard-working and kind student. She is doing a great job at staying out of drama and focusing her attention on her academics. She works well in any peer group and is a dependable helper to all. Way to go Lexi!

Colten is an outstanding peer leader! He demonstrates a strong work ethic, respect to others, and usually does so with a smile on his face! His positive attitude and hard work is noticed by all. Keep it up Colten!

December: Natalie Coger & Landon Kaleita

Teacher Comments: Natalie is always kind, helpful, and exemplifies Stag behavior at all times.

Landon strives to go above and beyond in all that he does, with a smile on his face! He consistently demonstrates Stag behavior.

8th Grade

September: Aerilynn Quinones & Quinton VanDussen

Teacher Comments: Aerilynn is so sweet and kind to others. She is always helpful and very respectful! Aerilynn also always gives her best effort on every task. She is a joy to have in class.

Quinton is a very respectful and kind young man. He follows directions the first time, he is a great listener, and he is a hard worker. It is a pleasure having Quinton in class.

October: Emma Weber & Max Hubbard

Teacher Comments: Emma is a very hard worker. She always follows directions and she always gives her best effort on all assignments. Emma's kindness also makes her a delight to have in class!

Max is a very polite young man. He is kind and always brings a positive attitude. Max is a joy to have in class!

November: Keira Ullom & Jacob Saddington

Teacher Comments: Keira is a quiet leader! She is such a great student - a hard worker, kind, respectful, and she always does the right thing. Keira is a true joy to have in class.

Jacob is such a bright young man! He always works super hard to be his best and he is super kind. We really enjoy having jacob in class!

December: Kielee Steger & Brayden Sherman

Teacher Comments: Kielee is so sweet and so helpful! She always works really hard and she is always respectful. Kielee is such a joy to have in class!

Brayden is such a kind young man. He is a strong student and always gives his best! We enjoy having Brayden in class!

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