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Kingsley Middle School Students of the Month - January

Congratulations to our most recent Students of the Month at Kingsley Middle School!

5th Grade - Madeleine Faunce & Shiloh Boonstra

Teacher Comments:

"Maddy is an awesome human! She is kind, helpful, and has a great sense of humor. We appreicate the positive energy she brings to every class!

Shiloh's smile lights up a room! He is kind, helpful, and respectful. We appreciate his positive attitude!"

6th Grade - Claire Yost & Teagan Means

Teacher Comments:

"Claire is a strong student in all of her classes. She is quiet, but a good listener and a hard worker in her groups. Her friends know they can depend on her. Way to be a STAG Claire! Keep up the good work!

We all enjoy having Teagan in class! He asks good questions, gets his work done on time, and is a great teammate. He is patient and understanding and will work well with anyone. He is also very smart, and will share good ideas! Great job Teagan!"

7th Grade - Kora Nichols & Tucker Thompson

Teacher Comments:

"Kora is an excellent human! She is kind, polite, patient, and responsible! She is an outsanding classmate who works well with any group or partner. Thanks Kora for always doing the right thing! You are noticed and appreciated!

Tucker is one of the nicest seventh grade boys. He is a great friend to others and often shows his good snese of humor. Tucker has a logical way of looking at things, which makes him an outstanding science student, but he also has a creative side, and he excels in Band. Keep up the good work Tucker!"

8th Grade - Maddy Robinson & Cameron Kiwior

Teacher Comments:

"Maddy is such an outstanding student and human being! We very much enjoy having her in class. She has such a positive attitude all of the time and is always super motivated to give her very best!

Cameron is such a positive addition to Kingsley Middle School. He is such a nice young man who always works very hard, is very responsible, and is very respectful. He has a great personality and is enjoyable to be around!"


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