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Kingsley Middle School's Students of the Month: February-March 2023

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Congratulations to our recent Students of the Month, selected based on excellent character and academic diligence.

February Students of the Month

5th Grade - Gwen Stone and Kalen Fate

"Gwen is a hard-working student. She is consistently on-task and gives her best effort. Kalen is organized and on task. He also adds great insight to class discussions."

6th Grade - Logan Swinehart and Bryanna Blanke

"Logan is very conscientious and a great leader! He is always on task and a great problem solver. He is a friend to all! Bryanna is a hard-working and responsible student! She always does her best job and is helpful to anyone. She is a friendly and caring student."

7th Grade - Alayna Manning and Trey Martin

"Alayna is a soft-spoken, respectful, and diligent student. She is a hard worker and seeks to do her very best. Trey has a delightful personality and is a kind-hearted student. He is a friend to all and works well with others."

8th Grade - Lyndsi Carpenter and Logan Bickle

"Lyndsi is a student that the team sees blooming into a quiet, natural leader. When she works with a partner, she stays focused and contributes to her learning. She helps her friends stay focused and on track. She advocates for herself in the classroom. She takes risks. She is awesome! Logan is a student that always works well with others. No matter who his partner is, he stays focused and on track. He waits patiently for other students to catch up. He is never afraid to share answers. He is always polite and respectful!" *Students declined to take a photo.

March Students of the Month

5th Grade - Lyla Hansen and Kayden Beard

"Lyla is sweet and has a positive attitude. She's a hard worker and a great helper! Kayden is kind and a friend to all. We appreciate his sweet smile and quiet strength!"

6th Grade - Katie Hodges and Conner Pierce

"Katie is a great student who is always focused and attentive. She is helpful to her teammates and nice to everyone. She is careful in her work and has a kind heart. Conner is a responsible student who follows up to make sure he completes everything needed. He is also honest and friendly to everyone and always has a smile on his face."

7th Grade - Evelyn McCorry and Ethan Homes

"Evelyn leads by example as she does throughout hard work in each class. She is self-driven and always kind. Ethan can analyze at a very high level. He has an outgoing, friendly personality, and is a great, active listener. He collaborates well with others and sets a positive example for his peers."

8th Grade - Ava Gomez and Tyler Miller

"Ava is an amazing thinker! She makes strong inferences and thinks outside of the box. She is a strong student that always gives her full potential. She works well with any peer in a class. Tyler is polite and kind. He always says 'have a good day' and he is willing to help in any situation. He is our go-to 'tech guy.' Tyler never gives up and wants to do well. He is willing to work hard to strengthen his learning."


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