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Kingsley High School Students Team Up with First Graders to Write Books

Updated: May 14, 2023

Every Spring, KHS teacher Missy Newell's written communications class takes on a very special assignment: writing a book with the help of a first grade buddy!

"Each of my students has one or two first grade buddies from Mrs. Jarrold's class. The high schooler interviews the first grader and creates a book," said Mrs. Newell.

After that, the senior and junior students go back to the high school to write their book, which sometimes features special illustrations by their first grade friends.

On April 20, the high schoolers went to the elementary to show their buddies the final copy and read them the story.

David had a very special partner: his brother!

Next, the written communications class will be pairing up with local senior citizens to write about local history in Kingsley and Northern Michigan.


To learn more about written communications class, contact Missy Newell at

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