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KHS Wilderness Students Head to the Woods for Introduction to Forestry Lesson

By Reo Hoffelt

Kingsley High School Teacher

"This day was an introduction to forestry, so the kids were learning basic tree ID and the proper way to measure trees in circumference and diameter. It is all part of the large unit where they learn how to measure trees, ID trees, evaluate wood lots for invasive species, animal presence, dead and living trees, and ground cover, as well as how to assess the market value of stands of trees.

By the end, they should be able to roughly estimate how much money a plot of trees is worth with just special diameter tape measures, some charts from the government, and their background knowledge.

"I really love this unit because it gets them outside, and exposes them to a field that has professional paths to pursue but also relevancy to their everyday lives because some of these kids will be inheriting large plots of land."


To learn more about Mr. Hoffelt's class, email Reo at

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