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Hundreds of Kingsley Students Experience Challenge Day Workshop

"It's hard to truly come up with words to describe this experience," - Middle School Counselor Olivia Bradford

In February, hundreds of middle and high school students participated in Challenge Day, an extensive workshop focused on building a school culture of acceptance, empathy, and connection.

Students were asked to be brave by being vulnerable and willing to share their stories and listen to others.

"It's hard to truly come up with words to describe this experience," said KMS guidance counselor Olivia Bradford. "I have participated in several Challenge Days throughout my career and not one Challenge Day is the same. However, it never fails to make a positive impact on many of those in the room."

"It was so remarkable watching the positive energy shift in the room."

"I could feel the passion in the students who truly want positive change throughout our district and community. This experience was unlike any other," she said.

Challenge Day is an acclaimed workshop that has served thousands of schools and millions of students in the US and abroad. An impact survey on their website says 76% of students reported feeling "less lonely after participating" and 63% felt "better connected" to peers and adults.

"I think the experience showed the students that they are more alike than they are different," said KHS assistant principal Cody Wagatha.

Thank you to everyone who showed up for one another on Challenge Day!

Photos by Michelle Peterson

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