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February 2024 Kingsley Middle School Students of the Month

Congratulations to our most recent Students of the Month at Kingsley Middle School!

5th Grade - Emerson Haines & Carter Smith

Teacher Comments:

"Emerson may be quiet, but her hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Emerson is on task and responsible!

Carter is always on task and hard working! Keep up the good work!"

6th Grade - Izabell Greinke & Rhett Douglass

Teacher Comments:

"Izabell is a wonderful student! She always does her best and pays attention to instructions. She also is very friendly with her classmates and works well in teams. She always has a smile on her face in the hallway and treats those around her with respect and kindness. Great job! You make our school a better place.

Rhett is reliable and acts responsibly! He always works hard to complete his work and get the job done. He even is often found after the bell at the end of the day cleaning up the band room, or getting a bit of extra practice in while he can. His dedication to his work shows. Way to be a STAG Rhett! Keep up the good work."

7th Grade - Avery Festa & Steven Jester

Teacher Comments:

"Avery is a motivated student! She uses her time wisely; is willing to make connections; is super kind, and helpful! Thanks, Avery for being so delightful!

Steven is a friend to all! He is a quiet, but positive leader. Steven is a hard-working individual, and we expect him to be successful in all that he does!"

8th Grade - Lizzy Widrig & Liam Vore

Teacher Comments:

"Lizzy is so sweet and kind! She has such a welcoming smile and is friendly with everyone! Lizzy is also a very hard worker and a very responsible student! She is a true joy to have in class!

Liam is a very kind and thoughtful young man! He works hard, is responsible, and always gives his best! We really enjoy having you in class, Liam!"


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