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Donate to the Kingsley Soccer Shoe Drive November 1-December 31

By Kim Burch

Volunteer fundraising coordinator


The Kingsley High School Soccer Team is launching a Shoe Drive Fundraiser to Raise Money for our growing program. The Shoe Drive will run from November 1 - December 31, with multiple collection locations in the Kingsley Community. In addition, the team has partnered with Central United Methodist Church in Traverse City to collect gently used and new shoes during its “Serve Noel” drive-thru donation initiative every Saturday in December.

The team will earn funds based on the total number and overall weight of the pairs of gently worn, used, and new shoes. The goal is to collect 2,500 pairs of shoes, which will generate approximately $1000 for the team. How do we earn money from the shoes you donate? Our partner organization, Funds2Orgs will pay us by the pound for all of the shoes we collect. The shoes will then be redistributed throughout the Funds2Orgs network of micro-enterprise (small business) partners in developing countries where economic opportunity and jobs are limited. Proceeds from the shoes sales collected in shoe drive fundraisers are used to feed, clothe and house their families. One budding entrepreneur in Haiti even earned enough to send her son to law school!

"We are excited about our shoe drive," said Kim Burch, volunteer fundraising coordinator. "We know that most people have extra shoes in their closets, whether they have been outgrown or loved and ready to find a new home - we would be happy to take them! It’s a simple way for people to empty out some space, know the shoes will be used by someone else, AND raise money for both the Kingsley Soccer Team and our partners in developing countries. The best part? We don’t have to sell anything, and you don’t have to buy anything. It's a win-win for everyone.”

The Kingsley Soccer Program operates as an MHSAA-sanctioned school sport at Kingsley Middle School and High School. While the program receives basic budget support through the Kingsley Athletics Department, the parents and friends of this program are working hard to provide additional support for much-needed equipment, uniforms, and supplies to help make our program thrive.

KHS Soccer Team Shoe Drive Fundraiser


Kingsley Area Schools (MS, HS & Elementary) November 1 - December 16

Northland - Kingsley November 1 - December 31

Kingsley Branch Library November 1 - 30

Forest Area Federal Credit Union - Kingsley November 1 - 30

Kingsley United Methodist Church December 1- 31

Kingsley Dance Company November 14 - December 16

(Special Offer: Drop shoes at Dance Company, get a coupon for FREE breadsticks at A. Papanos-Kingsley)

Additional Location in Traverse City:

Central United Methodist Church Saturdays in December 9am - 12 noon

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