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Central Office Expands, Welcomes New Staff Members

Updated: Jan 10

New year, new team! The Kingsley Schools Central Office got 25% larger in 2023 following the hiring of an additional secretary.

Left to Right: Superintendent Brad Reyburn, executive secretary Brittany, accounting specialist Mary Bogart, and director of finance Nadia Hoover.

In January, the district welcomed a new director of finance, executive secretary, and superintendent. Former administrative assistant Mary Bogart will remain in the Central Office with a new role that focuses on pupil accounting and accounts receivable and payable.

"We've been thinking of this realignment for a while, and it just came into fruition for 2023," said Mrs. Bogart. "I'm really excited about the new change. We're all new in here. We can make our team what we want to make it, and I think our personalities are a really good mesh."

Meet the Central Office team below!

Nadia (NAY-dia) Hoover, Director of Finance

Mrs. Hoover comes to the district with years of experience working in accounting at several school districts. Most recently, she served 9.5 years at Northwest Education services as the lead LEA accountant.

"I was in a business manager role for six local school districts, and I'm excited to get entrenched and involved with this district," said Mrs. Hoover. "I'll be able to be more involved and in-depth with the district in budgeting and planning for the future of the district."

Mary Bogart, Accounting Specialist

Mrs. Bogart has worked in Kingsley Schools since 2010 and in the Central Office since 2013. In her new role, she will continue to work on pupil accounting, which she has done for several years, in addition to taking on several new tasks including accounts receivable and payable.

Her secretarial duties to the board of education and to the superintendent will now be delegated to the district's new executive assistant, Brittany.

"We've known for a while that we've needed some help in Central Office. I'm excited about the new change!"

Brittany, Executive Secretary

Brittany is new to the district but has lived around the Kingsley community for many years.

"What I'm really excited about is just to be interacting with people that work at the school. I've heard nothing but good things, and I love kids!”


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