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25 Kingsley Students Inducted to National Honor Society

by Kelly Knight

25 students from Kingsley High School were inducted as members of the National Honor Society during a candle lighting ceremony in fall 2021.

The National Honor Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for high school students. The Kingsley chapter has been active since 1972.

Chapters exist in more than 60% of the nation’s high schools and, since 1921; millions of students have been selected for membership. Millions of dollars in scholarships have been awarded to senior members since 1945 by the sponsoring organization, the Nation Association of Secondary School Principals.

A Faculty Council selected new members for meeting high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Ms. Kelly Knight serves as the adviser of Kingsley’s chapter of NHS.

Master of Ceremonies of the evening was President Lauren Wooer. The rest of the members presided over the lighting of the candles. Vice-President Katelyn Lyon spoke regarding the candle of leadership, Secretary Isabelle Goldammer spoke regarding the candle of scholarship, Treasurer Karly Roloefs spoke regarding the candle of character, Parliamentarian Delainey Nickerson spoke regarding the candle of service, and President Lauren Wooer lead the new inductees in the pledge following the lighting of the candles. Vice-President Katelyn Lyon and Secretary Isabelle Goldammer presented certificates to the new members.

The membership is now at 47 students, remaining one of the largest groups Kingsley High School has had. If you see any of these students, please congratulate them on achieving this highly esteemed academic honor.



  1. Sierra Billiau

  2. Owen Buning

  3. Claire Dutton

  4. Ethan Faunce

  5. Ashley Folkersma

  6. Allie Hawkins

  7. Kelly Huis

  8. Madelynne Johns

  9. Laura Klubunde

  10. Jennifer Lefler

  11. Moira Martz

  12. Halle Nesky

  13. Winston Pelloski

  14. Abigail Scarbrough

  15. Kaylee Schelich

  16. Kaitlin Smith

  17. Mackenzie St. John

  18. Paityn VanPelt

  19. Richard Vongkhamchanh

  20. Mary Webb

  21. Kyle Weger


  1. Hailey Angell

  2. Elizabeth Parker

  3. Hannah Raschi

  4. Alexa Sweat

Current Members:

  1. Emma Arnold

  2. Sam Belanger

  3. Philip Brown

  4. Soren Easterwood

  5. Jeremiah Forro

  6. Isabelle Goldammer

  7. Leslie Hamilton

  8. Cylie Jones

  9. Lydia Kastenschmidt

  10. Katelyn Lyon

  11. Erica McInnis

  12. Delainey Nickerson

  13. Cierra Oakley

  14. Brett Peterson

  15. Emma Reuther

  16. Karly Roelofs

  17. Paige Sockol

  18. Annabelle Skrzypczak

  19. Joseph Weber

  20. Grace Whaley

  21. Lauren Wooer

  22. Angel Zoulek

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