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27 Students Inducted into Kingsley National Honor Society

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Mrs. Kelly Knight, NHS leader, stands with several new inductees.

On Wednesday, November 9, 27 students were inducted into the National Honor Society during a special candle-lighting ceremony.

Prospective members of the NHS are screened and selected based on their scholarship, leadership, character, and service by Kingsley High School staff.

Congratulations, new members!

Emma Belanger

Amelia Clair

Delaney Dontz

Morgan Faunce

Maximus Goethals

Samuel Goethals

Aizlyn Hager

Connor Johnson

Layla Hickerson

Matthew Klabunde

Aubrey Lerczak

Grace Lewis

Wyatt MacArthur

Mason Mazur

Danielle Middleton

Kaylin Mitchell

Elenor Moran

Trenton Peacock

Kelsey Saxton

Flynn Shigley

Jaden Sinkes

Valerie Tulppo

Kaylee Weber

Brooke Westenbarger

Hannah Whaley

Christiann Whims

Darlene Wilcoxen

Morgan Faunce

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