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Submit your photos to the yearbook using the link above! Use code "STAGS"

A yearbook is a priceless record of your student’s years at KHS.


It is the yearbook staff’s goal to increase student coverage by picturing or quoting each KHS student at least three times in the yearbook. 


Parent and student photos are always appreciated and will help the staff broaden our coverage.   


Does your student do something unique after school? Did you go on an amazing family trip this summer?


These stories could also be included in the yearbook, but that will only happen if you share your photos and experiences with the yearbook staff. Contact us today!

An open yearbook shows school pictures
Three students holding award certificates in the gym

Pre-Order Your Copy

  • Yearbooks will be available for pre-order at school twice during the school year. Bring an order form and your payment in an envelope addressed to Mrs. Leslie Gardiner or Yearbook.  Payment can be turned into the office or Mrs.Gardiner.  Please make checks payable to KHS. 

    • Pre-order early and save! Books can be purchased during the third week of October for $35

    • Check orders will also be accepted during the third week of April for the regular price of $45


  • High School Yearbooks can be ordered online with a credit card at any time (through April 30th). You are not able to order middle school or elementary yearbooks from this site.

    • The sale price of $35 is good through September and October, after that, the price will return to $45. 

    • Buy online at and enter our school name. There is a small surcharge for this method but major credit cards are accepted.

Important Dates

Yearbooks are Delivered in the first week of September of the following year.  If you preordered a yearbook, you will be able to pick it up at the high school.  Seniors can choose to pay an additional $5 to have their copy mailed via the USPS.  These will be shipped the week they are delivered to the school.  Seniors can also have another student pick up their copy for them (non-siblings will be asked to sign for the copy).

  • October 15th-19th: The third week of October is the first Pre-Order sales week at school. Please bring a check for $35 made out to KHS and a completed order form.  Online orders can be made for the $35 price through all of September and October.  Books will return to their normal $45 price after October.  If you miss this window, you can order online all year, through April 30th.

  • End of December: Seniors need to turn in their senior pictures, and info form before Christmas Break.  If you have extenuating circumstances please email Ms. Burcroff. 

    • Senior photos include: 

      • A vertical, full color senior portrait,

      • An early childhood/baby picture,

      • A wild card photo (any school appropriate photo, maybe a sports photo taken with family members/pets/friends etc.  More information can be found on the Photo Requirements Form.

  • April 15th-19th: The third week in April is the last Pre-Order week at school.  Please bring in a check made out to KHS for $45 and a completed order form. Online orders stay open through the end of April.

Two science students hold frogs on the kingsley Hill property
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