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Stag Senior Spotlight: Joseph Weber

To his peers, Kingsley High School senior Joseph Weber might be most known for being on the soccer team. But the well-rounded middle defensive back is full of other surprising talents and interests.

"I'm thinking about trying out for Drama Club this year. I did it my freshman year, and I was pretty good at it. I think I might try it again," said Joseph.

Joseph is also musically-inclined, and picked up Ukulele in sixth grade.

"It's kind of a crazy story. I actually one day just like, 'hmm, I'm going to buy a ukulele,'" he said. "I just kind of taught myself and just ever since then, I've been playing."

At home, one of his favorite traditions comes in the spring. In recent years, Joseph has taken on the responsibility of tapping his family's maple trees for syrup. Last year, he collected more than 32 gallons of sap from dozens of trees on his grandparent's property.

"I go out every day around March, and I tap the trees and then dump it all into a barrel every night. We collect and then burn it. I really enjoy it, mainly because of the outdoors."

"Actually boiling the sap that takes forever, in a week, we have like one full 32 gallon barrel of just the sap, but when you burn it down, it doesn't turn into as much maple syrup as one would think. It only gave us just over a gallon of syrup!"

Fast Facts




Secret talent: Playing ukulele 🎵

Travel bucketlist: Asia 🍱

Pets: Mini Australian shepherd named Ohana 🐕


Celebrity: Ryan Reynolds 🦸

Food: French toast bake🍞

Drink: Dr. Pepper🥤

TV Show: Psych🔎

Color: Yellow🛎️

Who inspires you and why?

Law enforcement. I want to be in law enforcement and I appreciate them sacrificing their lives everyday for people.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan on going to Northern Michigan University to get a bachelors in criminal justice. I really like their hands on and wilderness classes. I want to study criminal justice and become a private investigator. Actually, there's this TV show I love, it's called Psych. That kind of really got me into it. I was like, 'oh, that sounds sounds like something I'd want to do!'


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