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Kingsley Board of Education Seeking Three Candidates for Upcoming Vacancies

By Vivien Snyder

BOE President

Over the past four months, the board and administration came together to outline a three- to five year Strategic Plan. During this time, community members, students, staff, administrators and board members worked together to create new district goals and objectives, as well as a new mission and vision for our district.

President Vivien Snyder says,

“This is an opportune time for anyone who may be considering a board position with new goals in place for our district.” Being an advocate for Kingsley Area Schools and public education at large is so important at this time.

Running for a board position should not be taken lightly. I will be honest, there is more time involved than a monthly meeting. The key to being a productive board member involves a few things: good listening skills, communicating with respect, being prepared to address agenda items, understanding the different roles of a board member and superintendent, becoming familiar with policy and procedures, and educating oneself on what is new and changing in the world of public education.

As board members, we all need to collectively work together and make the best decisions possible for the district. We are individuals but when the board speaks (votes) it is with one voice. Regardless of our individual position we support the decision as a whole moving forward. With that said, I find this is one of the most rewarding things I can do to give back to the students and the district. We have a great school with many moving parts that make it that way and I thank each and everyone of them.

This year, there will be three open seats on the Kingsley Board of Education. There are two full 6-year terms (ending in 2030) and one 2-year partial term (ending in 2026) on the November 5, 2024 ballot. Board president Vivien Snyder invites all interested community members to consider running for one of the positions.

Interested candidates must file with the County Clerk by July 23, 2024. Community members would vote for the new members in the November 2024 election and they would take office in January 2025.

For more information on filing for candidacy contact Grand Traverse County Clerk Bonnie Scheele and refer to this document below:

Download PDF • 1.13MB

The Michigan Association of School Boards also has this comprehensive guide to interested candidates:

Download PDF • 1.13MB


To learn more about the Kingsley Board of Education visit or contact

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