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Kingsley Area Schools Welcomes Two Full-Time Mental Health Specialists

Sarah Morrow, incoming elementary and middle school mental health specialist, left, and Angela Oyer, high school mental health specialist, right.

Kingsley Area Schools is excited to welcome two full-time mental health specialists to the district. Angela Oyer started in the high school this spring and Sarah Morrow will start her role in the elementary and middle school this fall.

Both will support student development via social emotional learning, mental health interventions, walk-in counseling, and working with at-risk students and families to access community resources.

"I want students to know that their behavior matters. I will be supporting preschool through eighth grade students' development and help them foster skills to become their personal best," said Sarah Morrow, who has an extensive background in human behavior and education. 

The district's investment in dedicated mental health specialists reflects KAS' commitment to student wellbeing and aligns with the Strategic Plan's vision to create a "safe, inclusive, learning environment" with a "focus on all students as individuals."

Sarah Morrow and Angela Oyer will work in tandem with KAS' other at-risk and academic counselors to offer more support to students.

"Mental health has been a focal point statewide especially post-COVID," said Superintendent Josh Rothwell. "If kids come to school and they're struggling in certain capacities, they can reach out to one of these mental health professionals for support.”

They will also provide intervention services such as anger management and grief counseling to help students cope and heal with issues outside of the classroom.

"As adults, sometimes we don't realize how many kids are walking around with other things going on in their lives that are affecting how they're doing in school," said Angela Oyer, who has a background in social work. "I've seen really high levels of anxiety among kids. I think if we can start working with them early on and put interventions in place, it will be beneficial to helping them get through to graduation."

Welcome, Sarah Morrow and Angela Oyer!

You can email Angela Oyer at 

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