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KHS Special Education Teacher Julie Lint Featured on UpNorthLive for Teacher Appreciation Week

Updated: May 19, 2022

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, UpNorthLive showcased one of our hometown heroes, KHS teacher Mrs. Julie Lint, who grew up in Kingsley and has been teaching in the district for 34 years.

"I tried to create a family like atmosphere in my classroom, so you become a family, and most years I'm in tears when I'm seeing them go by, seeing them wave,” Lint said to UpNorthLive. “Now I'm having the kids of my kid students, so that's kind of cool."

“You know, it's one thing to be you know, to have 30 years experience,” said principal Mike Moran to UpNorthLive. “It's another to have 30 years experience and still bring the same passion for kids that you brought 30 years ago. [She's] one of the most committed educators that I've ever met,” Moran said. “She is anytime, anyplace 100% committed to her students. She loves them like they are her own. And they love her like a parent in many cases. So, she's special, very special."

Thank you Mrs. Lint and all educators for what you do for our students every day.

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